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How to Create a Sexier, More Attractive You

It’s relatively easy to talk about the different ways to create a thinner and healthier looking body. Eating right and exercising to get down to your ideal weight while conditioning the muscle groups will in turn create a healthier looking you.

However, when it comes to being “sexier”, that is a different challenge where no two opinions are going to be quite the same. There are a number of reasons for this, but some of the challenges that are faced when trying to create a more overtly sexual presence will depend in large part upon the beholder. In other words, the goal is not so much to find yourself being more attractive as you fully understand your standards. Instead, the goal is to make yourself look more desirable to someone else which means understanding what they find attractive.

be-sexyFortunately, the basics still apply which means that the more in-shape you are and the more youthful you appear, the sexier you will look. However, one of the most interesting is the removal of body hair which is become more popular in recent times.

The Art of Hair Removal in Terms of Sensuality

Over the past decade in particular, the lack of body hair has become more pronounced in terms of sexuality. It was not long ago that virility in men was defined by their chest and body hair, although certain locations such as the back have arguably never been considered “sexy” in any era. Still, by today’s standards the lack of body hair even in the genital regions is considered sexually desirable.

The reasons as to why the lack of genital hair is considered sexy can be a little confusing for some as there are illusions to creating a pre-pubescent state. However, there are certain advantages to this approach.

Vulnerability: The sight of your body without any hair beyond conveys a sense of vulnerability which many of the opposite sex find very alluring. For men, the lack of body hair has a similar effect to a knight without armor as it demonstrates a more personal, softer side that many women find attractive.

Clean: Although the act of sex itself is arguably very messy in some ways, most people do not fantasize it in that way. Demonstrating a clean body through the lack of body hair is a visual signal to the opposite sex that creates a greater desire for lovemaking.

sensitivitySensitivity: Another aspect is the lack of hair makes for more skin to come into contact with their partner, creating a more visceral feeling for both. Of course, the anticipation helps fuel the fantasy element that creates greater desire to share this particular experience.

Overall, hair removal is one method to help make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, particularly if you have started a relationship that you want to take to the next level. However, in order for it to be fully effective, a trim body that is healthy and in-shape will be required which is part of the overall image that you want to create.

Pheromones For Men – do they work? which one is best?

The human race has spent countless years working on attracting itself to itself – for obvious reasons. We just wouldn’t survive if we couldn’t have sex with one another. So it should go without saying that we try pretty hard. We’ve developed colognes, we’ve made soaps, pretty clothes, thought up awesome hairstyles – you name it.

All of that stuff definitely helps, but underneath all of that there’s something a bit mysterious and maybe even magical (okay, not REALLY magical) that has a lot more to do with attraction than everything else. Every species that we know of emit pheromones – but, we’re more concerned with the human variety – more specifically, pheromones for men.

pheromone-for-menWhat are Pheromones?

In a nutshell, they’re odorless and tasteless airborne molecules that we emit through our bodies – such as through our sweat. Sure, they can’t be seen, smelled, nor tasted – but our bodies are equipped with a special organ that’s designed to detect them – and thus attract us to that other person.

So – the more pheromones you emit, the more sexually attractive you’ll be to that woman you’re talking to (plus other women nearby – not bad!).

That’s really summing things up, but you don’t need to get into the scientific details.

Do They Work?

If you’re terrible looking, dabbing on some pheromones might not be enough to get you in the sack with countless women – but you’ll be better off with them than without them. They’ll definitely give you an edge over your competition.

As Pheromone Authority advice – think of it as one piece to the puzzle – make sure you’re well groomed, somewhat clean, and your clothes aren’t in tatters – top it off with some of that magical scentless scent and have at it.

You probably noticed that I mentioned “dabbing on some Pheromones” – and yes, our bodies do create them, but what’s wrong with spicing things up a bit and trying to improve ourselves? A lot of really smart people have worked on capturing pheromones in a bottle in many labs over the years, and finally they’ve done it, so feel free to grab some for yourself and give yourself that sexual edge that your buddies don’t have.

Perfumes/Colognes that contain Pheromones For Men

Are there any perfumes that smell good and have pheromones to sexually attract women?

Again, the answer is – yes!

Considering what Pheromones are, you would be right to assume that there’s a LOT of colognes out there that do. Some of them smell a bit rough, and some of them smell okay. I’ve done my best to put many of these to the test, and I’ll list the best ones below:

pheromone-seductionPherx – This cologne has been around for quite awhile – over 10 years actually, so all of the bugs have definitely been worked out of the formula. It’s got a lot of great reviews as well, and doesn’t smell too shabby either. You’ll be looking at around $30 for a small 18mg bottle.

Nexus – This is another cologne that’s got great reviews. It hasn’t been around for as long as Pherx, but it seems to be just as effective. It’s loaded with a lot of Pheromones as well, and smells great – although the scent isn’t super strong. The price is roughly $30 for a small bottle.

Pherazone – this product is the most expensive of the 3 – be prepared to drop about $70 on this small bottle. On the plus side, the bottle is nice looking! It also seems to be very effective as well. It contains many pheromones as well, and the scent is a bit stronger than Nexus – it is definitely a bit pricey but it definitely works.

Again, out of the many products on the market, these are the top three that contain pheromones for men. These smell the best and work the most, so feel free to pick some up yourself and give them a shot. These are definitely some of the best.


Sexual Attraction – What Turns You On?

Sexual attraction is a wonderful thing. It is the beginning of that dance we play with are partners or people we would like to be our partners. It is nerve racking, yet fun and all part of the sexual relations of our species.

It is helpful though, to understand a little about it so we can play the game better.

It will cut down on the nervousness of approaching someone you find attractive and like regular dancing and the dance floor, it is hard to get it right when you are too nervous. So whether homosexual or heterosexual the dance is the same. The gender aspect is decided in your cells and you are not given a choice. How we dance the attraction dance is partially up to us and partially unconscious based on our gender preference. Either way it is fun and interesting to look at.

sexual-attractionMen And Women

Men and woman have some differences and some similarities in the dance. For instance making and holding eye contact is a sign of sexual attraction in both men and woman.

We are not talking about a hard penetrating stare here though. This is when your eyes meet and the others does not look away, it is showing interest with the eyes. Also both men and women have an unconscious habit of preening a little bit. Like many different mammals, humans like to look good for their possible mates. Men will adjust their tie’s or run their fingers through their hair to make sure they look good and woman do the same.

Woman go so far as to twirl their hair as a part of it and that is another good example of attraction. It makes sense too, when you consider how much time and effort go into how we look. Magazines, television, movies, all of them highlight good looking people who usually do not have a hair out of place. We have taken the mammals instinct to look good to a higher plane when it comes to sexual attraction.

lick-lips-sexyWhat Women Do

Women will lick or moisten their lips while making eye contact and that is considered a good sign of attraction.

Some say that when a woman is pointing her knees at you it is another good sign of sexual attraction. It is an unconscious indication that she is open to the idea. Woman also will dangle a shoe from her toes, partially removing it. If she does this while she is looking at you it is considered a good sign that she is comfortable around you and interested in you.

friendlyWhat Men Do

A mans posture is believed to be of huge importance in the dance of sexual attraction. Standing strait with shoulders back and head up is considered an open position for a man and indicates he is open to you, comfortable and possible interested sexually. Also his posture is important when he is sitting. If a man sits facing you, full forward, meaning chest, knees, full body facing you, there is a good chance he is interested as well.

There are so many signals both conscious and unconscious that we could be here all day if I listed everything. It is fun to take a look at them and see what some of the dance moves are though, because we all enjoy the sexual attraction dance, admit it. How much fun we have in the dance could make for better finale’s to the dance, if you know what I mean.