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Penis Enlargement? Do you need it?

There are pumps, pills, patches and creams to enlarge your penis. Not to mention surgery, stretchers and penis exercise programs, yes I said exercise programs for your penis.

big-dick-wowEvery guy out there has thought about it if only for a second. Most people don’t actually try to do it though. At least I thought so, but apparently there is a huge industry that makes millions upon millions of dollars off the hopes of man for a bigger dick.


You have to wonder why though. Most studies show that most men who seek enlargement are actually average size and not as small as they think. Part of it could be that, lets face it guys, we have a bad angle of looking at it to judge size adequately. Mirrors don’t help because it hard to gauge a reflective image, rulers and tapes are awkward for measuring there. If you ask your girlfriend they will usually be nice about it (or truthful) and say it is fine honey, don’t worry.

Yet guys continue to worry about it and judging by the amount of things sold to make it happen for you, continue to worry and try to make it happen. Companies wouldn’t be selling them if there wasn’t a market for them.

bigger-penis-seductionSo again I wonder, why?

Studies show it is mostly a psychological thing. Guys perceive themselves to be smaller in that area and become obsessed with a bigger penis. There is actually a registered psychological diagnosis called penile dysmorphic disorder. It seems it is similar to anorexia. We have all heard how anorexics can be bone thin and perceive themselves as fat continuing to binge and purge. It is a sad thing to think about as is the condition for men’s perception of their penis’s. Sure it is easy to joke about a guy strapping a stretcher to his dick for hours at a time, but think about how truly uncomfortable if not downright painful that would have to be. Or the guy who is spending half his paycheck on pills and creams. All of it is easy to joke about but think about it for a while and you may find it a bit sad too.

The real truth behind the penis enlargement industry

Any change humans want to make to themselves has a marketing plan to make money off of it, whether it is a good idea or not. We are an amazing species aren’t we. Yet there are not really any scientific data from peer reviewed sources that can verify that there really is a way to truly enlarge your penis.

Of course it may not be a realm of study most serious scientist want to delve into either. Lets say there are a couple of companies out there that have done really substantial research and have the answer many men are looking for. How could you tell? Any company selling a product like this claims to have scientific evidence that their product is the way to go, it will help, they tell you.

It is like the diet industry on a slightly smaller scale.
So how do you know which one will work for you?

You can try a bunch of different ones, read testimonials from many users, read all the “scientific” data out there. If you talk to your doctor, he will tell you there are no real conclusive studies to prove it can be done. The choices are almost endless so in the final result it is up to the man. Is your dick really too small or are you just freaking out over nothing. If you decide that you believe your dick is too small then you will have to risk the wilds of enlargement products. Good luck, may the force be with you. It looks like you will need it.

Good Reasons For Using Penis Pumps

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is now realized as a legitimate medical condition and the market for different medical fixes is a booming business. Pills, powders, liquids, or the vacuum therapy pump, better known as the penis pumps.

If you are suffering from ED and would like a treatment but do not want to have to invest in constant medication, or just don’t like taking medication, vacuum suction devices could be the answer you are looking for. It is a completely natural treatment, drug free and you are not having to spend a certain amount every month to keep the treatment going. Lets take a look at it.

penis-pumpsAll About The Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are officially labeled the Vacuum Therapy System (VTS).

These male enhancement systems have been around for over one hundred years.

The originals were large bulky devices of many different designs. In the old days there were some that looked like big bicycle tire pumps, awkward and difficult to use. Thankfully, technology has streamlined the designs of pumps into things that are much more functional and comfortable to use.

Different types of penis enhancement pumps

There are four main types of vacuum pumping devices for ED. There is the slide, the plunger, the hand grip and the electric pump. It is good to look at to understand the basic of these if you are considering one for your personal use.

  • The slide action allows you to draw a vacuum with easy action.
  • The plunger or manual style works similar to a small bicycle pump
  • The hand grip pump involves gripping the penis and is not thought of the best choice for egulating pressure.
  • The electric is a hands free device and definitely the best choice to get the exact pressure needed to form an erection.

How does it work?

What penis pumps do is recreates your bodies natural way of forming an erection.

When your body naturally forms an erection it is by the veins widening and pulling more blood into the penis and making it engorged. There is a back flow in the veins that is closed thus trapping the blood in the area.

how-vacuum-devices-workThe vacuum devices recreates this process by using negative vacuum of the pump and draws blood into the veins, creating an erection that way.

It can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes on average to achieve an erection with a pump.

At this point a ring is sometimes placed around the base of the penis to hold the erection from fading to fast. This may seem like a lot of time and effort but when you consider that drugs do not always work enough for intercourse and penis pumps are tested to over 90% effective for intercourse they can make more sense. So lets look at the pros and cons for ED.


  • It is totally drug free
  • Works in 2-5 minutes
  • It is a completely natural treatment
  • It is completely external. No surgery or needles are necessary
  • An affordable one time purchase as opposed to monthly prescriptions
  • Produces a firm erection suitable for intercourse


  • It cuts into foreplay
  • Penis temperature might be cooler than normal
  • It can be embarrassing to use


warningThere are some risks involved with vacuum devices that are good to be aware of as well.

First off you do want to be careful when using any medicine considered a blood thinner. Both prescription and over the counter medicines are labeled as such and blood thinners cause an increased possibility of bleeding. Also, if you have a blood disorder like sickle cell anemia a pump can make you susceptible to blood clots or bleeding.

vacuum-penis-enlargerWater Or Air Penis Pumps?

There are two types of penis enhancement pumps available, air or water vacuum. There is an open disagreement over which one is the best way to go. The water one is for use in water and that can limit your activity to bath or shower.

The air vacuum can be used virtually anywhere you are comfortable doing so. Like all devices, when using a penis pump make sure to follow the users directions for best use. If you are just thinking about it, there are many brands out there so shop around and perhaps discuss this with your doctor.

Penis Stretching Methods

There are many ways out there in the world for stretching your penis for enlargement purposes. You can do it by hand, a penis stretcher or a pump. Depending on what you desire and how you are comfortable going about it will decide which one you want to use. We will be looking at doing it by hand, with a penis stretcher or vacuum device. If you are too small and want to get a longer dick these may very well work for you.

Penis Stretching Extenders

penis-extenderMedical penis stretching is a way touted by many as the best way to get visible results. It can take up to six months so don’t expect over night results. The best device known for this is the penis extender. It requires strapping the device on for several hours a day, at a minimum and after several months you will be seeing the results. Some penis stretching devices operate a little faster with a higher tension in the device and better quality calibration too. So when it comes to using the mechanical device results may depend on the device you choose to use.

Penis Pumps

Using a vacuum is similar to the extenders. You essentially strap it on and wear it for several hours at a time. Some devices are labeled as being safe to wear all day. It will still take several months, at least, for results but that is true of all body enhancement also, like the mechanical stretching devices above works best with and exercise program to enhance the work to the penis.

Penis Stretching Excercises

Then there is hand exercises like Jelqing. Many men swear by these as a way to lengthen and thicken their penis. These are even harder to qualify as successful since there are really no studies to indicate it and lets face it, when it comes to an exercise program the results are clearly up the person doing the exercise. Like all exercise program you have to be diligent and keep at it. Many people in the enlargement community claim a mixture of the stretcher with regular stretching exercises is a good combination.

It seems that when you shop around and see everything out there a combination may be the best way to go. Mechanical, whether pump or other extenders, plus exercise is the way to go. Pills, creams, juices and other oral prescriptions are not known to work well and even doctors will tell you that to enlarge your penis they will not work as well, if at all. So if you are looking into Penis stretching as an option these may be methods you will want to look into and decide what will work best for you and your routine.

X4 Labs Reviews – SCAM or Reality?

X4 Labs has been doing research on their devices for over 10 years and are considered the most trusted name in penis extenders. That may seem like a pretty large claim but when you consider the number of positive X4 Labs reviews the claim is no longer about just their advertising but more about facts. Here is a look at the product, if you are considering an extender from X4 Labs.

x4-labs-penis-extenderWhat Is It?

An X4 Labs extender is a penile traction device that is used to increase your overall length and girth of your penis. It also has the added benefit of improve sexual performance and stamina through the cell division it encourages and that improves blood flow to your member.

Unlike many devices of this kind they offer a lifelong warranty as well as many different accessories for male enhancement and sexual health products. This is one of the things mentioned in many X4 Labs reviews that stands out as well.

They also believe in their clients comfort and that it must be the highest they can make it as is proved by the fact that they do use high quality memory foam padding to make any enlargement experience cushioned and comfortable. Most companies do not go that far in looking out for their clients care with extenders and it is nice to see a company that does.

We Are All Different

It is commonly known that know two people are alike. From fingerprints, retina, DNA, and yes every penis is different and that is taken into account at X4 Labs.

They offer growth options where others do not. Whether it is their wide girth base or mini support options, they have what you will need to be satisfied you purchased the right product for your needs. This is also something that has been mentioned in many X4 Labs reviews.

x4-labs-packagesVariety – 4 Different packages to chooce from

The variety too is surprising for a company that puts so much into their products. You would expect a couple of options in device types and prices, but X4 Labs has a wider selection than most starting with their enlargement extenders. There are four different extenders of this type, the Gold, Premium, Deluxe and Starter edition. The X4 Labs Premium Edition is the highest rated penis extender at due to both that it works and comes with many different accessories so you have what you need, while at the same time the price is still affordable. The nice thing about these products is it is a one time expenditure compared to having to get monthly prescriptions for an indeterminate amount of time. Also if you need a curvature extender they have several of those for you to choose from. When you add that to the numerous male enhancement and sexual health products they carry you will see why the X4 Labs reviews speak so highly of them.


X4 Labs uses only surgical grade material on all that they make. It is believed that the higher the quality the better the results. That is why all extenders come with a hybrid support system and their springs are the highest quality so they can provide fast results with their product, while at the same time ensuring the safety of those using the devices. I think it is understood that when it comes to that area of a man’s body, he is all about the safety first!

How It Works

Essentially it is penis enlargement through traction. Gentle tension is applied and over time has shown to significantly increase your growth and girth. This works through the process of cell division and while the cells of our bodies are stable they can be manipulated to a certain extent. The device actually divides the cells of the penis at a microscopic level. In essence splitting one cell into two. It increases size and blood flow so your performance and stamina is affected as well.

satisfaction-guaranteedNumerous doctors have recommended X4 Labs products and X4 Labs is always continuing their clinical studies to learn more and produce a better product. They actually have a deal where you can be a part of their clinical studies and receive a free extender for your time.

It does seem like there is good reason for all of the positive X4 Labs reviews. X4 Labs likes to cover all of the bases for their clients from providing accessories or providing for the natural different sizes of a man’s penis. The quality of the material used shows their care to make sure they are providing the best product that you will be able to find.

How to Create a Sexier, More Attractive You

It’s relatively easy to talk about the different ways to create a thinner and healthier looking body. Eating right and exercising to get down to your ideal weight while conditioning the muscle groups will in turn create a healthier looking you.

However, when it comes to being “sexier”, that is a different challenge where no two opinions are going to be quite the same. There are a number of reasons for this, but some of the challenges that are faced when trying to create a more overtly sexual presence will depend in large part upon the beholder. In other words, the goal is not so much to find yourself being more attractive as you fully understand your standards. Instead, the goal is to make yourself look more desirable to someone else which means understanding what they find attractive.

be-sexyFortunately, the basics still apply which means that the more in-shape you are and the more youthful you appear, the sexier you will look. However, one of the most interesting is the removal of body hair which is become more popular in recent times.

The Art of Hair Removal in Terms of Sensuality

Over the past decade in particular, the lack of body hair has become more pronounced in terms of sexuality. It was not long ago that virility in men was defined by their chest and body hair, although certain locations such as the back have arguably never been considered “sexy” in any era. Still, by today’s standards the lack of body hair even in the genital regions is considered sexually desirable.

The reasons as to why the lack of genital hair is considered sexy can be a little confusing for some as there are illusions to creating a pre-pubescent state. However, there are certain advantages to this approach.

Vulnerability: The sight of your body without any hair beyond conveys a sense of vulnerability which many of the opposite sex find very alluring. For men, the lack of body hair has a similar effect to a knight without armor as it demonstrates a more personal, softer side that many women find attractive.

Clean: Although the act of sex itself is arguably very messy in some ways, most people do not fantasize it in that way. Demonstrating a clean body through the lack of body hair is a visual signal to the opposite sex that creates a greater desire for lovemaking.

sensitivitySensitivity: Another aspect is the lack of hair makes for more skin to come into contact with their partner, creating a more visceral feeling for both. Of course, the anticipation helps fuel the fantasy element that creates greater desire to share this particular experience.

Overall, hair removal is one method to help make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, particularly if you have started a relationship that you want to take to the next level. However, in order for it to be fully effective, a trim body that is healthy and in-shape will be required which is part of the overall image that you want to create.