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Pheromones For Men – do they work? which one is best?

The human race has spent countless years working on attracting itself to itself – for obvious reasons. We just wouldn’t survive if we couldn’t have sex with one another. So it should go without saying that we try pretty hard. We’ve developed colognes, we’ve made soaps, pretty clothes, thought up awesome hairstyles – you name it.

All of that stuff definitely helps, but underneath all of that there’s something a bit mysterious and maybe even magical (okay, not REALLY magical) that has a lot more to do with attraction than everything else. Every species that we know of emit pheromones – but, we’re more concerned with the human variety – more specifically, pheromones for men.

pheromone-for-menWhat are Pheromones?

In a nutshell, they’re odorless and tasteless airborne molecules that we emit through our bodies – such as through our sweat. Sure, they can’t be seen, smelled, nor tasted – but our bodies are equipped with a special organ that’s designed to detect them – and thus attract us to that other person.

So – the more pheromones you emit, the more sexually attractive you’ll be to that woman you’re talking to (plus other women nearby – not bad!).

That’s really summing things up, but you don’t need to get into the scientific details.

Do They Work?

If you’re terrible looking, dabbing on some pheromones might not be enough to get you in the sack with countless women – but you’ll be better off with them than without them. They’ll definitely give you an edge over your competition.

As Pheromone Authority advice – think of it as one piece to the puzzle – make sure you’re well groomed, somewhat clean, and your clothes aren’t in tatters – top it off with some of that magical scentless scent and have at it.

You probably noticed that I mentioned “dabbing on some Pheromones” – and yes, our bodies do create them, but what’s wrong with spicing things up a bit and trying to improve ourselves? A lot of really smart people have worked on capturing pheromones in a bottle in many labs over the years, and finally they’ve done it, so feel free to grab some for yourself and give yourself that sexual edge that your buddies don’t have.

Perfumes/Colognes that contain Pheromones For Men

Are there any perfumes that smell good and have pheromones to sexually attract women?

Again, the answer is – yes!

Considering what Pheromones are, you would be right to assume that there’s a LOT of colognes out there that do. Some of them smell a bit rough, and some of them smell okay. I’ve done my best to put many of these to the test, and I’ll list the best ones below:

pheromone-seductionPherx – This cologne has been around for quite awhile – over 10 years actually, so all of the bugs have definitely been worked out of the formula. It’s got a lot of great reviews as well, and doesn’t smell too shabby either. You’ll be looking at around $30 for a small 18mg bottle.

Nexus – This is another cologne that’s got great reviews. It hasn’t been around for as long as Pherx, but it seems to be just as effective. It’s loaded with a lot of Pheromones as well, and smells great – although the scent isn’t super strong. The price is roughly $30 for a small bottle.

Pherazone – this product is the most expensive of the 3 – be prepared to drop about $70 on this small bottle. On the plus side, the bottle is nice looking! It also seems to be very effective as well. It contains many pheromones as well, and the scent is a bit stronger than Nexus – it is definitely a bit pricey but it definitely works.

Again, out of the many products on the market, these are the top three that contain pheromones for men. These smell the best and work the most, so feel free to pick some up yourself and give them a shot. These are definitely some of the best.