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How to Create a Sexier, More Attractive You

It’s relatively easy to talk about the different ways to create a thinner and healthier looking body. Eating right and exercising to get down to your ideal weight while conditioning the muscle groups will in turn create a healthier looking you.

However, when it comes to being “sexier”, that is a different challenge where no two opinions are going to be quite the same. There are a number of reasons for this, but some of the challenges that are faced when trying to create a more overtly sexual presence will depend in large part upon the beholder. In other words, the goal is not so much to find yourself being more attractive as you fully understand your standards. Instead, the goal is to make yourself look more desirable to someone else which means understanding what they find attractive.

be-sexyFortunately, the basics still apply which means that the more in-shape you are and the more youthful you appear, the sexier you will look. However, one of the most interesting is the removal of body hair which is become more popular in recent times.

The Art of Hair Removal in Terms of Sensuality

Over the past decade in particular, the lack of body hair has become more pronounced in terms of sexuality. It was not long ago that virility in men was defined by their chest and body hair, although certain locations such as the back have arguably never been considered “sexy” in any era. Still, by today’s standards the lack of body hair even in the genital regions is considered sexually desirable.

The reasons as to why the lack of genital hair is considered sexy can be a little confusing for some as there are illusions to creating a pre-pubescent state. However, there are certain advantages to this approach.

Vulnerability: The sight of your body without any hair beyond conveys a sense of vulnerability which many of the opposite sex find very alluring. For men, the lack of body hair has a similar effect to a knight without armor as it demonstrates a more personal, softer side that many women find attractive.

Clean: Although the act of sex itself is arguably very messy in some ways, most people do not fantasize it in that way. Demonstrating a clean body through the lack of body hair is a visual signal to the opposite sex that creates a greater desire for lovemaking.

sensitivitySensitivity: Another aspect is the lack of hair makes for more skin to come into contact with their partner, creating a more visceral feeling for both. Of course, the anticipation helps fuel the fantasy element that creates greater desire to share this particular experience.

Overall, hair removal is one method to help make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, particularly if you have started a relationship that you want to take to the next level. However, in order for it to be fully effective, a trim body that is healthy and in-shape will be required which is part of the overall image that you want to create.

Why Do You Want to Remove Hair from Your Body?

no-body-hairFor most people, hair grows all in most places of the body, including places where we don’t want it to grow and for many of us, the hair does not grow in places where we would like to see more of it. Still, hair removal has become a multi-billion dollar industry as people around the world remove hair from all different parts of their bodies.

Hair Removal for Non-Aesthetic Reasons

There are different reasons for the removal of hair, including the practical and hygienic removal of hair follicles for reasons of surgery for example.

Hair removal is also part of the military tradition in which a new recruit has their head shaved. But this was developed for hygienic reasons to stop the spread of lice and other parasites. By the mid-19th century, the tradition of the US Marine Corps was long hair and long beards, but the spread of lice changed that tradition by the turn of the 20th century.

In addition, the removal of head and body hair is a part of many sport traditions as well, although its practicality has come into question from time to time.

head-heair-removalFor example in swimming body hair is often shaved or waxed away to help increase speed.

In boxing, facial hair is kept to a minimum when possible so that potential cuts can be fully addressed and the same is true for the legs of soccer players and cyclists.

Also, the removal of hair has been used as a form of punishment as well, stripping away the dignity of the person depending on the society in which they live.

The Aesthetic Reasons for Removing Hair

The removal of hair goes back many thousands of years. In Egypt, many women plucked the hair from their eyebrows and even their scalp to achieve a certain appearance. Many of these traditions are still in effect today as men and women remove hair for a aesthetic reasons. Throughout the centuries in virtually all cultures, the removal of hair is a sign of beauty, masculinity and even power.

remove-body-hairToday, the aesthetic reasons to remove body hair are varied and depend on the sex and the culture in which a person is living. For example, the shaving of men’s body hair is a relatively recent phenomenon that may have more to do with the appearance of youth than anything else. Chest hair, once a prized possession of men is now downplayed more today in favor of a clean appearance.

For women, the removal of underarm hair for example is quite popular in the US, but in Europe many women still allow their underarm hair to grow which is again a sign of culture.

beauty-faceHowever, facial hair on women is generally considered unattractive in most cultures with the exception of India where a certain sect of women actually have more “sideburn” hair which has been deemed attractive in their particular region.

There is no doubt that what is aesthetically pleasing today in terms of the removal of facial and body hair will no doubt be different in the future. However, there will always be an industry dedicated to hair removal no matter the times in which we live.