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Sexual Attraction – What Turns You On?

Sexual attraction is a wonderful thing. It is the beginning of that dance we play with are partners or people we would like to be our partners. It is nerve racking, yet fun and all part of the sexual relations of our species.

It is helpful though, to understand a little about it so we can play the game better.

It will cut down on the nervousness of approaching someone you find attractive and like regular dancing and the dance floor, it is hard to get it right when you are too nervous. So whether homosexual or heterosexual the dance is the same. The gender aspect is decided in your cells and you are not given a choice. How we dance the attraction dance is partially up to us and partially unconscious based on our gender preference. Either way it is fun and interesting to look at.

sexual-attractionMen And Women

Men and woman have some differences and some similarities in the dance. For instance making and holding eye contact is a sign of sexual attraction in both men and woman.

We are not talking about a hard penetrating stare here though. This is when your eyes meet and the others does not look away, it is showing interest with the eyes. Also both men and women have an unconscious habit of preening a little bit. Like many different mammals, humans like to look good for their possible mates. Men will adjust their tie’s or run their fingers through their hair to make sure they look good and woman do the same.

Woman go so far as to twirl their hair as a part of it and that is another good example of attraction. It makes sense too, when you consider how much time and effort go into how we look. Magazines, television, movies, all of them highlight good looking people who usually do not have a hair out of place. We have taken the mammals instinct to look good to a higher plane when it comes to sexual attraction.

lick-lips-sexyWhat Women Do

Women will lick or moisten their lips while making eye contact and that is considered a good sign of attraction.

Some say that when a woman is pointing her knees at you it is another good sign of sexual attraction. It is an unconscious indication that she is open to the idea. Woman also will dangle a shoe from her toes, partially removing it. If she does this while she is looking at you it is considered a good sign that she is comfortable around you and interested in you.

friendlyWhat Men Do

A mans posture is believed to be of huge importance in the dance of sexual attraction. Standing strait with shoulders back and head up is considered an open position for a man and indicates he is open to you, comfortable and possible interested sexually. Also his posture is important when he is sitting. If a man sits facing you, full forward, meaning chest, knees, full body facing you, there is a good chance he is interested as well.

There are so many signals both conscious and unconscious that we could be here all day if I listed everything. It is fun to take a look at them and see what some of the dance moves are though, because we all enjoy the sexual attraction dance, admit it. How much fun we have in the dance could make for better finale’s to the dance, if you know what I mean.